30 April 2012

Kanzler's Random Rhyme: "High Stakes"

Image taken from interestingtopics.net

Amazing how life is like 
a night in the casinos; 
we win and win and get the gold 
only to lose it in one quick blow.

I’ve had my share of winnings -
shown in nine by eleven parchment sheets, 
emblazoned with golden seals,
markers to prove I’m worth a good deal.

At this point it'd be good to go, 
cash my winnings in and take my leave. 
but the insatiable greed of the gambler in me 
had me play a “final” game at the high-stakes table. 

Fate, as always, was the dealer 
but this time he looked grimmer. 
Something told me I play for more than 
sealed sheets in this table.

All my games so far were elementary – those days are done.
Time for me to up the ante and play with the big boys now.

The game begins and the cards were given 
A quick peek saw I had nothing but trash. 
Logic told I fold this hand
but “what the heck, let’s see where this would lead me.”

The travel to Third Street wasn’t easy,
only the reds were facing me. 
Crimson grim though my future be 
I pressed on to call the deal.

The turn gave me hope that I had a chance to win. 
A ton of possible hands were in the air, and the dealer knows it.
I did everything I learned so I could represent,
pressure Fate to believe I had the winner in me. 

The final card was drawn
then the hands were shown.
Despite my reasonable chance, 
I got beat and lost my stack.

Now my memory haunts me, telling me, 
"You wouldn't have failed drastically if you had folded early."

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