25 October 2012

Kanzler's Random Rhyme: Missing My Muse

"Dreaming of Other Worlds" by Sandra Bauser Digital Art
Image retrieved from Red Bubble

How I miss my muse.
Every fortnight, she'd caress
the many corners of my head,
filling my empty well
with her creative juices.

She was my navigator.
I only needed to open my computer
and she'd turn that word processor
into a virtual, magical door
that lead to various dimensions.

Ah, those blissful episodes -
I rode with other-worldly centaurs,
dined with tenth century kings,
deceived intelligence agencies
and grew dragon wings.

I became anything -
Detective, lawyer, knight,
Wizard, senator, spy:
All these things I had been
with her by my side.

And then she was gone.
There was just the empty screen -
so white, so plain, so blank.
Except for the monotonous blinking
of the computer cursor.

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