25 November 2012

Not Sure If Related...: Djibril Cisse and Laurence Fishburne

It's been a long while since I last posted a "Not Sure If Related..." page. So here's another one I stumbled upon just yesterday night.

So yesterday was Saturday and that meant football night here in the Philippines for me. My favorite team, Manchester United, is set to fight London outfit Queens Park Rangers at 11:00 PM local time. Until then, I turned the TV to HBO and watched 'Contagion' - this was just to expend time, as I already watched the movie when it was released some time ago.

Djibril Cisse portrait retrieved from The Telegraph UK
Laurence Fishburne portrait retrieved from filmsplusmovies.com

An hour later, the movie still wasn't finished but I had to switch to the game, for it was already on. Just before half-time, I saw QPR's Djibril Cisse do a cool pass towards his teammate Jamie Mackie who headed the ball into the net. The goal was disallowed for Mackie was offside (See the full match review of the Manchester United v QPR game here). The camera then pans to Cisse to get his reaction. At that point, 'Contagion' came back to me. Cisse looked like Laurence Fishburne!

Check out their portraits side-by-side above. You be the judge.

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