19 June 2012

Not Sure If Related...: Mario Gomez and Charlie Sheen

I've been following the Euros for quite a while now. My bets are on Germany and Spain, so it is but usual for a guy like me to follow their matches. Here's one peculiar observation.

Now, a prelude: For those of you who do not know me personally, and as it can be seen in my profile picture, I wear corrective lenses. I have been wearing them for a long while now, so they could need changing. Having said that, let's take a look at this image.

Mario Gomez image retrieved from Goal.com
Charlie Sheen image retrieved from scrapetv.com

So... is it just me, or does the German international footballer and Bayern Munich star Mario Gomez look like the famous (or infamous, depending on one's perspective) Charlie Sheen? For the record, I mean no disrespect, but this is mere observation.

Of course, the pictures I've selected could be a bit biased. Both conveniently have shaggy, unkempt hair and the angles tend to portray some semblance, but then again, that seems to be the point. At some angles, Gomez seem to look like Sheen. Then again, you could search for more Sheen and Gomez pictures at Google, see how things fare out.

As I've said, it could be just me.


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