13 July 2012

Not Sure If Related...: Daniel Bryan and Mark Webber

The first ever "Not Sure If Related..." blog post I did was between Mario Gomez and Charlie Sheen (More on that post here). It was such a huge success that I decided to make it a regular here in my site.

Now, this following comparison was actually the first one that inspired this whole segment, even before Mario Gomez and Charlie Sheen. So I was watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World in HBO about a month ago. Apart from the comical scenes and the epic portrayal of Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, one character that struck me was Stephen Stills, Pilgrim's friend played by actor Mark Webber. I can't quite put my intrigue until I realized, "What the hell? He looks like WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan!"

Here's their image side-by-side and you be the judge:

Daniel Bryan image retrieved from teamliquid.net
Mark Webber image retrieved from mallgrab.com
Daniel Bryan trademark and other associated copyrights owned by WWE and respective parties not mentioned.

Now, the image doesn't exactly show a strong resemblance, but it is still a resemblance none the less. I suggest that if you're going to pursue this thread, then watch the movie yourself and then decide.

As far as I'm concerned on whether they look alike, my answer is "Yes! Yes! Yes!" :)

So, thoughts?


  1. In the off chances that you happen to read this 2yrs after your orig post date, try a comparison with actor Mark Webber & Brendan Fletcher


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